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Maintenance & Security Fee

Tue Jan 05, 2010 8:32 pm by Admin

"Dear residents,

The half yearly maintenance & security charges for January - June 2010 which amounted to RM480 is now due for payment.

If you are paying by cheque:
- Please make your cheque payable to "Persatuan Penduduk Jalan Kemuning Palma".
- Write your name, house number and street name at the back of the cheque.
- You may drop your cheque into the Drop-In box …

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2010/2011 New Committee

President                            : Mr. Sivakumar S. Ratnam


Deputy President               : Mr. Lim Hen Chin


Secretary                            : Mr. Gobinath Nadarajan


Deputy Secretary               : Mr. Andy Chew Boon Keat


Treasurer                           : Mr. Lee Chee Foon


Deputy Treasurer               : Ms. Mimi Nur Liana Bt. Abdullah


Committee Members        : Mr. Thayalan Retanavalu


                                              : Mr. Kelvin Lee Yeow Wah


                                              : Mr. Soon Kien Aik


                                              : Mr. Sajeesh Vidyasagaran


                                              : Mr. Anthony Chong Wann Sheng


                                              : Mr. Mohd. Najeeb Bin Khalid


                                              : Ms. Mupinderjeet Kaur

    5 Years in Kota Kemuning and 1 Year in Kemuning Utama

    Jean Pierre
    Jean Pierre
    Bronze member
    Bronze member

    Number of posts : 107
    Registration date : 2009-03-08

    5 Years in Kota Kemuning and 1 Year in Kemuning Utama

    Post  Jean Pierre on Wed Jul 08, 2009 5:16 pm

    Suddenly feel to share something about difference between this 2 area.

    I was move into Kota Kemuning house since 6 years ago. I stay in double story terrace. The 2 rows of the terrace houses only have 27 units. The houses here not expensive only around 230K+ and almost all houses been occupied except one corner unit is empty and one unit is kindergarten. 22 units Chinese family, 2 units Indian family and 1 unit group of single young lady who own Pet Clinic.

    The house there not expensive house, so not every house has auto gate. For the house with auto gate when they come back they will open the auto gate with their remote control, and who do not have auto gate they will stop their car and come down from car to open the gate and drive their car into the car porch, then close the door. We know that we are not rich people or King, we have finger to press the remote control button to open the gate or we have the leg walk down from car to use our hand to open the gate. 5 Years I stay in that street, seldom to hear any neighbour press horn to ask their family ti open the gate even they have maid.

    In the 25 units of houses, 5 units have their own pet, 2 units have 1 doggy, 2 units have 2 doggies and 1 unit sure is the Pet Clinic they have 2 doggies & 2 cat. The doggy is allow to walk and play around the street, in 5 years time never have a case dog get hit by car or cat got slash. When the doggy stool at others people house, the pet owner will come over to clean the stool n front of the house if the house owner is there they will say sorry. The 2 cats in the house you can see them walking around but never go into others people house, the cats only walking around the street. 5 years, the cat never step into my house once even my door is widely open to welcome it. Sometime you can see the lady carry the cat along with her walking around. I can see how she love with heart not love with her mouth.

    Then I said the place so nice why i want to move Palma? The reason I move to here because I wish to own a small land that allow my future kid can run around, in previous house we do not have land, so the kids only can play on the road with parent guardian but in 5 years till today 5pm still got group from every houses playing around. So, this is my main reason why I want to move to Palma.

    1 year in Palma, I like the environment here and some of the people here is very helpful adn friendly. But still have very bad experience with barbarian neighbour and the animal lover love the animal with mouth. 1 year I stay here, I very disappointed with these. I know I just a small mini tiny dust in here. I do not have any request just with to stay in peace~ and have my privacy~!!
    Toh leong Hoe
    Toh leong Hoe
    Senior Member
    Senior Member

    Number of posts : 93
    Registration date : 2009-03-09

    Re: 5 Years in Kota Kemuning and 1 Year in Kemuning Utama

    Post  Toh leong Hoe on Wed Jul 08, 2009 6:19 pm

    Hi Kok Xiang, Fully understood your frustration & thank you for sharing with us your agony staying in Palma. If you wish us to help you, We RA & members will stand besides you in sunshine & rain. Definitely you are not alone in this situation.

    Any help require, please do not hesitate to call on any of us. meanwhile, still awaiting your revert over the car plate no & House no for me to check for you whether is that culprit the rightful owner.

    Thank You & God Bless You.

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