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Maintenance & Security Fee

Tue Jan 05, 2010 8:32 pm by Admin

"Dear residents,

The half yearly maintenance & security charges for January - June 2010 which amounted to RM480 is now due for payment.

If you are paying by cheque:
- Please make your cheque payable to "Persatuan Penduduk Jalan Kemuning Palma".
- Write your name, house number and street name at the back of the cheque.
- You may drop your cheque into the Drop-In box …

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2010/2011 New Committee

President                            : Mr. Sivakumar S. Ratnam


Deputy President               : Mr. Lim Hen Chin


Secretary                            : Mr. Gobinath Nadarajan


Deputy Secretary               : Mr. Andy Chew Boon Keat


Treasurer                           : Mr. Lee Chee Foon


Deputy Treasurer               : Ms. Mimi Nur Liana Bt. Abdullah


Committee Members        : Mr. Thayalan Retanavalu


                                              : Mr. Kelvin Lee Yeow Wah


                                              : Mr. Soon Kien Aik


                                              : Mr. Sajeesh Vidyasagaran


                                              : Mr. Anthony Chong Wann Sheng


                                              : Mr. Mohd. Najeeb Bin Khalid


                                              : Ms. Mupinderjeet Kaur

    Influenza Season

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    Influenza Season Empty Influenza Season

    Post  wealthraider on Thu Aug 13, 2009 10:54 pm

    Wealthraider brought his daughter to Clinic Sheik last Tuesday evening at 9pm. The clinic was crowded with patients and accompanying friends, cousins or parents. The queue number was 33 and wealthraider couldn't do much but took the number, brought the daughter home and came back in an hour time. When the time approached 10pm, there were still around 10 people ahead and waited for 45 mins before the time for doctor consultation.

    Wealthraider was supposed to be on leave for a golf game today but received a sms from my immediate neighbor cum golf buddy saying he was down with high fever and needed a rain check for golf. A lunch appointment with a close friend has been postponed to afternoon tea appointment because the friend's daughter has been having fever for the past 2 days didn't and respond well to the prescribed medicine from the clinic. The friend needs to send the daughter to the pediatrician for consultation.

    It's going to be a never ending series of stories mentioning how sick the people are these days. It's always human nature to throw the blame on people, the weather and the haze. In fact, wealthraider didn't see much haze these days and it's real amaze to see how people could just sling the blame to anyone and anything.

    Having to be the graduate of Anthony Robbins and an individual in pursuit of total health and vitality, wealthraider does owe the community some health tips.

    Wealthraider had been a vegetarian who doesn't eat anything that can walk or crawl from 2004 to 2007. Anything that comes from the animal sources including milks and eggs were off from wealthraider's food list. Many people were challenging wealthraider's idea of being a vegetarian because conventional belief that says man need to eat some meat to gain protein. Human body need protein to build and renew cell. Wealthraider agrees fully in that account but the protein must comes from vegetable source.

    Putting off meat and animal protein from the food source is a life long torture for some people. Living in an environment full of stress does necessitate some varieties to spice up the life and numb the pain. Most people would enslave themselves to taste bud and indulge to anything that please their taste. That's call life isn't it?

    However, with the menace of AH1N1 and people are literally living in fear about getting infected, thanks to the media for providing the death toll everyday, it is sickening to see so little has been done on encouraging the public to boost up their immune system, take good care of their health. Media has never failed to disseminate fear to the public and the pharmaceutical companies are reaping good profit from selling face mask. Very soon people will start subscribing to the idea of wearing spaceman suit that provide complete isolation to the surrounding. Madness and insanity will break loose.

    Human body subscribe more to natural defense system. Simple chemistry of acid and alkali does play a role in this subject. Research shows that human body function at optimum level in alkali state except the stomach. Over consuming on meat diet and dairy products will only make the body more acidic. Animal protein is always recognized as "alien" protein and it takes a lot for the body to assimilate than the vegetable protein. That will overload our defense system and in time of virus or bacteria attacks, our body has nothing left to fight against all these "enemies".

    Lack of sleep and living in high stress environment does give a good discount on metabolism rate. Sufficient sleep allows time for the body to repair bad cells and good cells are paramount to oxygen adsorption. When the body cells are lack of oxygen, acidic built up and give rise to body pains. Aching body is a good host for virus and bacteria. In time of stress, it is highly recommended to do some exercise especially those aerobic type. Tai Chi and slow jog are always on wealthraider's favorite list

    Always adopt a positive mind. Read some good self help book and stay positive. Wealthraider is highly recommending a book with the title "The Power Of Now" for those who have been disturbed with negative thoughts. Human mind is the most powerful tool to create and destroy. We would rather to use it to manifest something to our benefits.

    Life is meant to be happy and cherish. Live every single moment with love and passion.

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