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Maintenance & Security Fee

Tue Jan 05, 2010 8:32 pm by Admin

"Dear residents,

The half yearly maintenance & security charges for January - June 2010 which amounted to RM480 is now due for payment.

If you are paying by cheque:
- Please make your cheque payable to "Persatuan Penduduk Jalan Kemuning Palma".
- Write your name, house number and street name at the back of the cheque.
- You may drop your cheque into the Drop-In box …

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2010/2011 New Committee

President                            : Mr. Sivakumar S. Ratnam


Deputy President               : Mr. Lim Hen Chin


Secretary                            : Mr. Gobinath Nadarajan


Deputy Secretary               : Mr. Andy Chew Boon Keat


Treasurer                           : Mr. Lee Chee Foon


Deputy Treasurer               : Ms. Mimi Nur Liana Bt. Abdullah


Committee Members        : Mr. Thayalan Retanavalu


                                              : Mr. Kelvin Lee Yeow Wah


                                              : Mr. Soon Kien Aik


                                              : Mr. Sajeesh Vidyasagaran


                                              : Mr. Anthony Chong Wann Sheng


                                              : Mr. Mohd. Najeeb Bin Khalid


                                              : Ms. Mupinderjeet Kaur

    What is AGM 2010 really transpired?

    Bronze member
    Bronze member

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    What is AGM 2010 really transpired? Empty What is AGM 2010 really transpired?

    Post  wealthraider on Mon Feb 22, 2010 11:11 am

    Wealthraider has finally came back to his home sweet home after one week of Chinese New Year holiday. It's always good to be home after having to be away for a week and he never failed to look up for the rain water soaked incoming mail in his dysfunctional mail box. The dysfunctional mail box served as a very good deterant for procratinating mail collector as the person has no other option than checking his mail box every morning. Wealthraider is not a big fan of conventional mail and he could live with the defects for the time being. It is also not a wise decision for him to renovate the front gate and gate post for the meanwhile knowing that the aforementioned are still in soil settlement process. His neighbors gate post are slanting forward as if they are bowing to the glorious view in the park. It is going to be an uphill task for the RA to discuss with Paramount about the "latent defects" of our property in the later stage.

    Having said that, it is the role of every Palma resident to really understand what is the Annual General Meeting 2010 (AGM 2010) really transpire or will transpire. It is not just another meeting that you got a chance to meet a bunch of people who you care-less about or a meeting that you just need to attend for no reason. In this coming AGM 2010 on 6th March 2010, the participating residents are going to elect a group of committee members who holds the key to the future of Palma Guarded and Gated community. Palma's Gated and Guarded facilities are not of the fortress type of structure that could outlast the lifespan of a Palmanian. A drunk driver is good enough to ram a sedan car through the wall to make an access/exit for Palma. The security guards are not volunteer who's providing their services out of charity. They are under the payroll coming from Palmanian maintenance fee. If you are disgusted with the mirky black water in the water features, get ready for the worst if no further improvement is meted out. Wealthraider could just go on and on talking about the heavy workload of township management that Paramount is going to hand over to RA. It's time for Wealthraider to a reality check on whether RA has the capacity to manage Palma township.

    At present, Paramount office has a group of adminstrators, workers or clerk working within the township management office. In total, they have a group of about 5 people working full time in serviing Palma, Bayu and Permai. Their jobs are definitely more than answering complains, collecting maintenance fee, issueing contractors' pass, preparing accounts, issueing assess cards and whatnot. We are now talking about a team of dedicated people working full time in servicing Kemunint Utama township. Once taken over from Paramount, RA is going to have one admin clerk or the most two to service Kemuning Utama Palma. The poor admin clerk has to carry out the same task as per the team of workers in Paramount. Not to mentioned the team of workers in Paramount have some accounting background and general township management knowledge and experience. Do you think with one admin clerk is sufficient to handle all the task for Palma? That's something wealthraider would like the residents to ponder about.

    RA committee members could not be equated with the workers in Paramount unless they are willing to quit their high pay job or lucrative business serving full time as volunteers for Palma. RA is best acting as a watch dog for the admin clerk under Kemuning Palma Resident Association's payroll. No doubt, on and off you will come across some dedicated and kind hearted committee members who are willing to go extra miles in servicing Palma community. However, could you still complain about the dead leaves flying around on the road, the mirky and dead fish smelling water features, cracked open perimenter walls, decaying landscaping and whatnot to the RA as if they are owing you a duty to upkeep the township? These are something wealthraider would like all of the Palmanian to think deep.

    In the past, RA has a role to be the watch dog for Palmanian making sure Paramount serving Palmaninan right by providing good township management for Palma. Once the AGM 2010 is over, Paramount shall hand over the whole township management to RA. RA will single handedly manage Palma. Please bear in mind again RA committee members are our beloved neighbors who is helping up the township management on voluntary basis and they will need a lot of support from every Palmanian residing in Palma. The longevity of the perimeter walls, security services and all the priviledge enjoy by the Palmanian all these far very much depend on whether most Palmanian has a good sense of community and wouldn't mind contributing on voluntary basis.

    Time will tell who are around in our neighborhood.

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    What is AGM 2010 really transpired? Empty AGM

    Post  coleong on Thu Mar 11, 2010 10:17 am

    Who's our new RA President? Or can we have the list of the new Committee?
    Bronze member
    Bronze member

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    What is AGM 2010 really transpired? Empty Re: What is AGM 2010 really transpired?

    Post  JDdots on Sun Mar 14, 2010 11:31 am


    The new committee list will be out soon. You will be able to view who & who in the committee especially their handsome faces. I think their hand phone numbers and email addresses will are there too. Is that right, our secretary, Mr Gobi?


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    What is AGM 2010 really transpired? Empty The New RA Committe

    Post  edmdfwk on Sun Mar 21, 2010 4:16 pm

    Congratulations to those residents who have been elected to hold responsible posts in our RA.Knowing very well that it is no easy task to run the RA,we hope that the residents of Palma will give them the fullest cooperation so that they will be able to run the RA in an efficient and successfull manner.
    I have two observations:
    1.The present manner of collecting security and maintenance charges is not effective. It is left to the owner's voluntary and responsible attitude to do so.Default payment will be rampant. As months go on, some owners may give excuse by saying I can't remember which months I last paid and so forth, besause there is no reminders and updated account.
    2.Not all residents are familiar with our RA blog and forum,some of them are even computer illiterate.News, announcements and activities of RA should reach all house owners/tenants by means of brief newsletter periodically.
    Bronze member
    Bronze member

    Number of posts : 162
    Registration date : 2009-03-16

    What is AGM 2010 really transpired? Empty Street Representatives

    Post  JDdots on Mon Mar 22, 2010 1:19 pm

    Hi, edmdfwk

    Noticed that you are equally as concerned as the RA committees over several issues affecting the welfare of Palma, one such issue is the collection of maintenance fee.

    On behalf of the new committee, I would like to invite you and many other residents to become part of us to help Palma a better place to live in. We are in the mist of recruiting street representatives for every street. You may contact me at 012 2007050 or email me at



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    What is AGM 2010 really transpired? Empty Re: What is AGM 2010 really transpired?

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