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Maintenance & Security Fee

Tue Jan 05, 2010 8:32 pm by Admin

"Dear residents,

The half yearly maintenance & security charges for January - June 2010 which amounted to RM480 is now due for payment.

If you are paying by cheque:
- Please make your cheque payable to "Persatuan Penduduk Jalan Kemuning Palma".
- Write your name, house number and street name at the back of the cheque.
- You may drop your cheque into the Drop-In box …

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2010/2011 New Committee

President                            : Mr. Sivakumar S. Ratnam


Deputy President               : Mr. Lim Hen Chin


Secretary                            : Mr. Gobinath Nadarajan


Deputy Secretary               : Mr. Andy Chew Boon Keat


Treasurer                           : Mr. Lee Chee Foon


Deputy Treasurer               : Ms. Mimi Nur Liana Bt. Abdullah


Committee Members        : Mr. Thayalan Retanavalu


                                              : Mr. Kelvin Lee Yeow Wah


                                              : Mr. Soon Kien Aik


                                              : Mr. Sajeesh Vidyasagaran


                                              : Mr. Anthony Chong Wann Sheng


                                              : Mr. Mohd. Najeeb Bin Khalid


                                              : Ms. Mupinderjeet Kaur


    Bronze member
    Bronze member

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    Post  JDdots on Thu May 28, 2009 4:05 pm


    How many of us really take the trouble to check the bill before making payment to the cashier in a restaurant? (I am refering to Eat-First, Pay-Later concept), I would say most of us don't especially when we are dining with a group of friends, colleagues or relatives and YOU are the one footing the bill.

    Try out in any restaurant outlet where they have a preprinted order form. The form has columns/small squares indicating types of dish, respective prices and unit/units ordered (Restaurants like Kopitiam, Nasi Kandar, Dim Sum etc.). Each unit ordered is ticked once. So if you order one piece/dish, the staff will tick once. He can tick TWICE too for one dish, whether intentionally or unintentionally. The more people you are eating with, the higher the chance they can cheat without you noticing. The restaurant staff does not need to put in more ticks, but an extra one or two will do the trick. They will also do it at random to avoid being caught.

    I am not saying that all restaurants are not honest. But that particular one that I had brunch with my wife in Taipan last Sunday (Kayu Nasi Kandar Restaurant) really cheesed me off. As usual, I ordered the food with the attendant at the food counter, he passed the food to me together with the order form. I assumed that the order form was ticked correctly against the items that I had ordered. However, prior to my payment to the cashier after finishing the meal, I noticed one of the dishes was ticked twice. So I queried him and he refered to the attendant who admitted that it was a mistake. He then made the correction in the order form and passed it back to the cashier. At the same time, he mumbled something in Tamil which I didn't understand. To my surprised the amount charged remained unchanged. Surprised I was still very patient then and asked whether the mistake had been corrected. The attendant insisted he was right with the amount charged even though the quantity was wrong?????? How could it be right when the order form and the amount charged in the bill didn't tally. What kind of mathematical equation was that? What a Face We kept on arguing... I pondered myself "is it possible that he did not understand the language I spoke"? But to me he didn't look stupid at all. He could communicate well in Bahasa Malaysia. Not willing to give up, I spoke to the supervisor and he was equally as DUMB!

    The only conclusion here is they are out to cheat knowing very well that they will get what they want because most of the customers patronizing their restaurant, prepare to pay higher price for their delicious nasi kandar meal. To the most they will argue for a while and finally still pay up without making a big fuss out of it. I would say I was a victim circumstantially. There was no point arguing anymore. We can argue until the cow comes home and the end result will still be the same. I reluctantly paid up. It is not the money that matters (after all it was just a few bucks more), but it was absolutely UNETHICAL for them to run their business this way. I am damn sure I will not go back there again even the food was so bloody good.

    So dear friends, CHECK the bill even before eating your meal.

    Do you have similar experience? If you do, maybe you would to share here in the forum.

    Jean Pierre
    Jean Pierre
    Bronze member
    Bronze member

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    Post  Jean Pierre on Thu May 28, 2009 9:03 pm

    hua hua JDdot I just think want to have this topic few days ago. Then you start it faster then me.Razz

    I have this experience at a Chinese restaurant in Kota Kemuning. This not only happen once, it keep happen almost everytime I having my meal there. At last i decide band that conned man shop.

    The restaurant always extra charge small thing like peanut, additional rice, additional drink. Although all just a small money, around rm 1.20 to rm2. If charge for every table from afternoon to night I think is a big money.

    The worst thing is, I am not new customer there, I almost have my dinner once or twice a week. but the same thing still happen to me again and again. I think the same thing happened to me at least 8 times at the same restaurant confused ( I do not think is reasonable right?). If this kind of matter only happen once of twice is reasonable, but I think almost every time I have my meal there also happen. scratch So, I really surprise why? In positive thinking maybe they are good business and have very bad system~!!! Be aware every time have your meal there please check~!!!

    This is a Chinese Sea Food Restaurant. It located opposite the Petronas Petro Station (In KK got 2 Petro Station on is near 2nd round about another one is opposite the restaurant).

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